Our Saving Products

Our Savings Accounts provide opportunities to individuals and corporate bodies to accumulate regular savings. Palscity Sacco offers both medium and long-term savings.

Pals Fixed Deposit Account

You have some money in your bank, phone or matress but want it to grow instead or lying idle. You can securely invest it with us and get dividends/interests after every financial year.

• Minimum fixing amount: Ksh 20,000.
• Fixing period options: 6 & 12 months.
• Guaranteed rate of 6% per annum.
• Interest is forfeited if withdrawal is done before period maturity.
• Principal amount and interest can be rolled over to a new period.


Pals Member Deposit Savings Account

You can save from as low as Kshs. 10 anytime you get some money. We always advise to save small portions of any money you receive instead of waiting for end month.

• Minimum monthly deposit: KSh 500
• Entitles member to loans up to 2x - 3x of their deposits
• Earns interest annually (calculated based on the sacco calendar year performance).
• Deposits are reimbursed upon exit.
Aditional Kshs. 100 monthly benovalent FEE acts as a deposit cover upon the member’s demise. Beneficiaries will receive an additional deposit amount equivalent to what the member had saved. The maximum top up is Ksh 500,000.


Pals - Holiday Savings Account

A Holiday Savings Account is the perfect account to help you with your vacation plans and allows you to prepare for the holidays without having to worry about money!


  • No minimum Account operating balance.
  • Minimum Monthly contributions of kshs 500
  • Allows for two free withdrawals per year
  • Interest rate per annum at 6.5% (same as MIP Interest rate) for balances above kshs 5,000

Pals Share Capital

• Gives a member shareholding/ownership rights.
• KSh 1,000 per member (minimum) but optional Kshs. 5,000 (recommended to quailify for some loans).
• Earns dividends annually.
• Shares are transferable to other members upon exit.


Pals - Junior Savings Account

Junior Savers Accounts are saving accounts for parents to save for their children who have not yet turned 18. This way, you can be sure that your child will be well taken care of.


  • Minimum monthly contribution of Kshs 500
    •    No maximum limit on savings
    •    Annual interest is 6.5%
  • Account tagged to a parent/guardian account
    •    Account converts to full membership after saver attains 18 years of age.

Pals - Group Savings Account

The Goup Savings account is the perfect account for groups, chamas, self help groups, friends, families who want to save collectively, borrow and grow their group members. 

•    Registration Fee is Kshs 1,000
•    Minimum Monthly contributions Ksh 1,000 
•    Minimum Share capital to borrow a loan Ksh 5,000 
•    Earns attractive annual returns of up to 6.5%

Pals Entrepreneur Business Investor

The Special Business Investor account is the perfect accout for an investor who would like to invest his/her money in a start up business or existing business and earn interest annually. The investor will get an opportunity to vet business ideas from different entrepreneurs in Kenya then invest via the Sacco to the business idea they have an interest in. 

•    Minimum amount to invest is Kshs 20,000
•    No monthly deposits
•    No maximum limit
•    Earns attractive annual returns of up to 6.5%
•    Refundable with interest upon maturity

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