Palscity Sacco Membership Plans

A member must have contributed for at least 6 months to access all the loans. Guarantors are your followers on Palscity social media.

Join as an Individual

  • Minimum monthly contribution of Kshs 500 + 100 benovalent fund
  • DIAL *533*48#
  • Attach copy of Kenyan National Identity Card or Valid Kenyan Passport
  • Attach coloured passport size photograph..
  • Copy of KRA PIN Number
  • Registration Fee Kshs 500
  • Minimum Share Capital Kshs 1,000
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    Palscity Sacco - To Our Members

    We transform our member’s lives through provision of affordable innovative and accessible Financial Services.

Joint membership Plan

  • Minimum monthly contribution of Kshs 1,000
  • Attach coloured passport size photograph for both applicants.
  • Attach copy of Kenyan National Identity Card or Valid Kenyan Passport for both applicants.
  • Copy of KRA PIN Numbers
  • Registration Fee Kshs 1,000
  • Minimum Share Capital Kshs 2,000

Asset Financing

Asset finance loan is one of the products offered by Palscity Sacco to its customers. This product is an asset financing loan where members get loans that they use to acquire assets.

Asset Financing


Asset Financing


Asset Financing

Motor Vehicle/Motor Bikes

Asset Financing

Housing / Land

Group membership plan

  • Read more about Group Membership here
  • Minimum monthly contribution of 5,000
  • Attach copies of Identification Cards, Passport and photos of authorised signatories.
  • Attach minutes of the group’s meeting resolving to join Palscity Sacco.
  • Attach copy of group’s registration certificate.
    • KRA PIN Numbers (Where applicable)
    • Attach the group’s constitution.
    • Registration Fee Kshs 1,000
    • Minimum Share Capital Kshs 5,000

Mentorship, Brainstorming & Networking Accountability Groups

We have accountability Groups based on County Chapters. Each County Chapter has Constituency Chapters each Constituency has a Ward Chapter.

Chapters are meant to:
- Help members locate guarantors easily
- Come up with projects to tap into Elected Leaders manifestos
- Galvanize for a common Intercounty market for Businesses
- Act as a Network where people can tap into opportunities

Each County, Constituency and Ward has Accountability groups where one can join other like-minded based on their Interests.

Accountability Groups include:

- Business & Entrepreneurship Group
- Leadership & Governance Group
- Agriculture Group
- Education Group
- Health Group
- Sports & Talent Group
- Gender Equality Group
- Peace & Conflict Resolution Group
- Society & Family Group
- Spiritual Group

Functions of Accountability Groups

- For networking and issue-based talks
- For brainstorming projects that can be lobbied as a group
- For mentorship and advice purposes

How to Join Accountability Groups

- Join Palscity Sacco using USSD dial 533*48# join then 533# and choose groups. Now join a Group.

All members can opt to join Accountability Groups via Palscity and WhatsApp.

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