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Start your journey to financial freedom. Take your saving to the next level.

Membership plan Dial *533*# To Access Your Account.


Palscity Sacco is the world's first social-media based paperless, secure and transparent Savings & Credit Cooperative (SACCO)

Welcome to Our Mobile Banking Services

  • Mobile Banking

Dial *533*48#to register with the Sacco. After registration, dial *533# to access our services on Safaricom network.


  • Financial Consultancy

We're not just a Sacco. We help you reach financial success, no matter what stage of life you're at.We have experts  to give you advice on your finances


  • Investment Services

When it comes to investments, we have your back. Our goal is to get you the best return on your money, which is why we make sure to combine your money with others to increase its value.

  • Let's Serve You!Welcome to Palcity Sacco.

    Join the next generation of saving and lending and explore endless possibilities in finance.


What do I have to do in order to have a Palscity Savings account?

  • Dial *533*48#
  • Pay Kshs. 500 registration fee.
  • Save minimum Kshs. 500pm.
  • What is a Savings and credit cooperative?

Savings and credit cooperatives are savings institutions owned by their members and organized on a not-for-profit basis. Members pool their savings, engaging in mutually beneficial financial cooperation & share in the profits and control their own destinies.


What are the benefits of membership?

Palscity Sacco offers a timely, efficient and cost-effective way for members to loan and save money securely. Palscity Sacco wants to be a transformative force in the lives of its members. We want to work towards Financial Literacy. When you make your monthly contributions, you are eligible for loans at favorable rates.

  • What are the extra advantage of Palscity Sacco.
  • Join a Table of like-minded.
  • Tell your story to over 500k users.
  • Guarantors are your followers on Palscity social media.
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