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The idea of SACCOS (Savings and Credit Cooperatives) originated in Germany in 1849 by people who wanted to fight the exploitation by money lenders. Saccos are savings institutions owned by their members and organized on a not-for-profit basis. Members pool their savings, engaging in mutually beneficial financial cooperation & share in the profits and control their own destinies. Saccos inspire a saving culture, Return on investment, Investment opportunities, Cheap Interest on Loans, Limited Liabilities, etc
Palscity Sacco is a paperless social media based Sacco where members pool resources together. The idea started from a Youth Empowerment platform that had County Coordinators and had a dream to create Solutions to their Challenges. The dream could hold County, Constituency and Ward meetings empowering & creating Solutions. However, the team faced financial challenges despite the big individual and group dreams. We then built a Social Media platform for Members to Connect, Share and Discover ( The Sacco was started by Palscity users as a common bond. With 500k+ users on Palscity in less than 2 years, we aim at having atleast half the users pool resources together under Palscity Sacco. We aim to onboard the unbanked, generation X,Y,Z and older generations and instill in them the Spirit to: SAVE, SAVE, SAVE BORROW (3S,1B) and NOT SAVE, BORROW, SAVE, BORROW (1S,1B) The 115% Emergency Loan comes in to cover all members.
Palscity Sacco is owned by its members. Every member can become a shareholder by simply buying shares. The minimum share capital is Kshs. 1,000. 1 Share is Kshs. 10. Shares earns members Dividents at the end of every year. The more shares you have, the more stake you have.
We are built on a Strong Tech system. We are Digital hence we reduce the chances of loosing money. We have also invested in strong Security. Palscity Sacco has a skilled, Trusted & Committed Management Committee and Supervisory Committee elected by the members during the AGM. We are also fully registed and regulated. In the event of a SACCO collapsing or winding up, the SACCO Societies Act of 2008 established the Deposit Guarantee Fund which provides for the protection of members' deposits in the event of collapse. Your money is kept safe with a Trusted Banking Partners.
Palscity Sacco is very different. We are built around the daily challenges an Individual or Group goes through in life. We Sum them up in our famous 12 principles: 1. We are Paperless: Access our products and services anytime, anywhere USSD *533# or App 2. We are Social Media Based: Guarantors are your Followers/Friends - Guarantor Request Room 3. We care During Emergencies: Join Today, and qualify for 115% unsecured Instant Mobile Loan 4. We are a City of Friends: Tell your story, talent, and market to over 1Million Palscity users 5. We are Affordable: Save from Kshs 500 monthly, 1 Share is Kshs 10, Get Loans at 1%p.m RDB 6. We Grow with You: Pitch your business/Idea/Talent to Investors to fund your hustle 7. We are United: You can Save as a Group or Individual but still be in our Accountability Groups 8. We Care: Last Expense Cover covers members against death or Permanent Disability 9. We are Built on a Strong Tech: End to End Secure Systems on KYC, Policies against Defaulters 10. We Reward: Refer new members, Earn commissions, High Dividends on Savings & Shares 11. We are Connected: Our County, Constituency and Ward networks makes you connected. 12. We are Available: Since money is about Trust, Find Us Online and Physical Offices & Branches.


There are 3 ways that you can use to join Palscity Sacco. a) Using USSD: Dial *533*48# and follow the steps. Indicate the County, Constituency, Ward etc to help us match you to like minded. You will now need to pay Kshs. 500 to have your account active. You can now bank and access member area using *533#. After registering via USSD, now you need to download the App and provide more KYC details and also visit Palscity to Connect, Share and Discover visit here to get more guarantors in future. b) Using Palscity Mobile App: Download Palscity Sacco App and register (Android and IOs versions) are on playstore. c) Using Palscity Main Website: You can visit - this platform is advantage to members to Connect, Share and Discover and also get a market and guarantors.  
Anyone within the Palscity common bond can join. Membership Types include: • Individuals & Groups • Online Users & Friends • Friends & Families • Employees & Alumni • Businesses & Startups • Investors & CEOs Member Registration Fee of Kshs 500 Pay the minimum Share Capital of Kshs 1,000 – 1 Share is Kshs 10 Pay a minimum monthly Member Deposit of Kshs 500
Yes, a one-off fee of Kes. 500 is paid by each member for joining. Ideally this FEE helps in running the day to day operations of the Sacco. No person can be a member of the Sacco without paying the membership FEE.
Yes, the Minimum Monthly Contribution is Kes. 500. This translates to around Kshs. 18 per day. You can pay bits or pay by 10th of the new month. In case you would like to skip a month, you have to communicate 5 days before the 10th of the month. Remember Saving more gives you more loans.
Joining the Sacco is voluntary. Leaving the Sacco is also voluntary. You can join and rejoin at any time. Membership FEE is non refundable. Shares are also non refundable but you can sell your shares to another member on Exit. Monthly deposits are used to take loans. On Exit you will be paid back all your Deposits. You will need to give 60 days notice and a Kshs. 500 is charge upon exit.
Every single member is required to purchase a minimum of 100 shares. Each share is worth 10/= Total is Ksh 1000. However some of the large loans need your shares to have grown to atleast 500 shares. Remember more shares means more dividents.
A member should meet the minimum shareholding within 6 months from the date of joining and before taking any loan.
You can make monthly contribution using USSD by dialing *533# (Safaricom only) then go to Option 1-Deposits and savings. For Cheques & Standing Orders: Account Name: Palscity Sacco Acc No. 01134588735000 Branch: Westlands Pay directly to the bank via our MPESA paybill. GO TO MPESA; PAYBILL ENTER Paybill No 400222 ENTER Acc Name : 5887350#(your name) ENTER AMOUNT ENTER PIN After paying via bank or MPESA, remember to email us on with instructions on where to take the payments. Palscity Does not receive Cash Payments
You can always access your account anywhere anytime by dialing *533# or on the Palscity Sacco App.
-Member Registration Fee of Ksh. 500 -Pay the minimum share capital of Ksh 1,000 -Pay a minimum monthly member deposit of Ksh. 500 -An additional Ksh. 100 monthly benevolent fund. Beneficiaries will receive a Package incase of death -One can save from as little as Kshs. 50 anytime they get some money. -Processing fee of 1.5% charged on the principal amount subject to a minimum 500 and maximum 10,000 inclusive of taxes (excise duty) and payable in 12 months -Loan Insurance fee of Kshs 0.6 (cents) per 1,000 per month (loan period). This insurance covers loan against death or permanent disability. Payable in 12 months.
Yes we have a Junior Savings Account where parents or guardians can save for their children until the children attain the age of 18.
Palscity has made several ways in which you can use the platform to make more money. These include: 1. Refer & Earn: Refer someone to the Sacco earn Kshs. 100 (individuals) and Kshs. 200 (group). Go to the USSD *533# and select option 5. Enter their names and phone and send. They will receive an SMS. This detail is kept and the day they join you will earn Kshs. 100. This payment is tabulated end of every month. 2. Marketing & Visibility: Do you have products or services and is looking for a Customer or you need a job? Use our Marketplace section, Jobs area, Feeds area to post and someone interested will be connected to you. 3. You can also make money on Palscity: Refer to the Palscity Affiliates board for different options. Visit here


One can get Pal Instant Loan immediately they Join the Sacco, pay registration Fee and Buy the minimum share capital of KShs. 1,000. The Pas Instant loan can be up to 115% of your savings which is requested on USSD *533# and sent to MPESA. The Other Loans like- Pals Salary Advance Loan, Pals Businesses Loan, Group/ Chama Loan, Pals Development Loan, Pals Normal Loan & Pals Asset Financing Loan are taken by members who have been on Palscity Sacco for at least 6 months.
This varies on the type of loan a member is borrowing: The processing period for a long term loan is within 1-5 working days while that of short term loan is within 24hrs. Emmergency Instant Mobile Loans are however Instant.
You MAY have one or more guarantors if the Loan is more than your savings. You can also use property or Assets as security for a Loan.
You can take a loan up to 2-3 times of your savings. You can request the Loan whenever you need it. The more savings the more loan you can take.
You may take a loan against your savings but if it exceeds your savings you need at least 2 guarantors.
Yes you can borrow a loan. The maximum you can guarantee someone is up to equal your savings
Getting guarantors is one of the strengths this Sacco has. We have these ways to get Guarantors: 1. As you join the Sacco, invite some of your friends and relatives so that they can guaratee you easily. 2. Use the Palscity Website Sacco members area so use "Your Friends and Followers" are your guarantors Feature. Use the Guarantor Request Room. 3. Join the optional Accountability County, Constituency, Ward groups and Interest Based groups to know like minded so that its easy to get Guarantors. 4. We have put periodic meet-ups and workshops. Attend them to help the Sacco know you best.
It's not literally automatic. Palscity Sacco is a social media-based SACCO. We have a platform called with over 500,000+ users. If you create a good relationship with your Friends, Family, and Followers on Palscity you may request them to guarantee you a loan. This means if you have 500 friends and post the Request on the Guarator Request Room then there is a possibility more friends and followers will see it and from that 2 or more may guarantee you.
We are "Pals - Friends" "City" Sacco. Meaning a City of Friends. We will be sad to see one default. The following are the measures in place: 1. KYC measures are tight. Ensure we know you by completing online KYC form. 2. Ensure atleast the Sacco or your Accountability group members know you. 3. We also have engaged a debt collector.

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